Front Travel Cover
Protect your precious investment with these Front Travel Covers suitable for UK Caravans.

Save stone chipping to the front of your caravan as well as countless hours of cleaning road film, cow and sheep poo etc that has baked on by the sun.

Available in all sizes from small 2 berth caravans to the large twin axle caravans.

Secured using caravans awning rails

**Please allow for cost of freight
Full Caravan Cover
Water resistant 3-ply fabric which allows evaporation of condensation from beneath the cover

Nylon securing straps and buckles

With elasticised hem for secure fit

Extra strong double seams

Zips on both sides for easy access

Protects your caravan from wind, dust, rain, snow, ice, sun UV rays

**Please allow for cost of freight
The Best Caravans Platinum Service Check
A Best Caravans Service Check is carried out by certified mechanics checking for operation of all appliances, moving parts and fittings.

Drawbar, chassis and running gear check also included. Use of '1 shot nuts' for hub assembly are included.

English Caravan Rate:

Single Axle $399
Twin Axle $449

Other: POA

**any repairs will need approval by customer before completion